Product Update April 2021

1. Extended creation form of the Company Macro Trends

You can now add additional background information to your Company trends. In the creation form, you will find fields for this purpose to specify Drivers, Challenges & Opportunities and the time of mainstream adoption. The information is optional and can help you and your team build a deeper understanding of the trend.

2. New design of the detail pages

The Macro and Mega Trend pages as well as the Workspaces view are presented in a new, optimized design.

Product Update January 2021

Trend Radar Analysis View

In addition to the radar and the diagram view, the tool now provides you with another view. The list view allows you to analyze the ratings.

In addition to the mega and macro trends, the average ratings and the associated recommendations for action are displayed as standard. You can add additional columns and export the rating in Excel format for analysis purposes.

Product Update November 2020

Filtering by Company Macro Trends in the Trendfinder

You now have the option to filter in the Trendfinder for macro trends that you have evaluated in your Radar projects. This way, you always have quick access to your relevant macro trends.

To do this, simply use the checkbox in the “Macro Trends” tab.

Produkt Update October 2021

Trend evaluation via link

You now have the possibility to generate links for trend radar projects in the Trendmanager. External persons without login to the Trendmanager can evaluate macro-trends.

It is possible to generate a link in step 3 of the evaluation management for the trend radar and send it. In order to use this feature, you need to upgrade your Trendmanager functionality.

Produkt Update September 2020

1. Company-Micro-Trends

From now on you can create your own micro-trends in the Trendmanager and inform your colleagues internally about relevant innovations, projects in your region or unusual campaigns.

Use the Create button in the upper right corner to create additional micro-trends in the Trendmanager. The company-micro-trends are only visible for you and your colleagues.

Here you will find detailed instructions for creating your own micro-trends.

Product Update August 2020

1. Customizable criteria sets

Within the scope of the trend radar projects, pre-selected macro-trends are evaluated using our default criteria set. This set includes the criteria influence, time of mainstream adoption and competences.

Now it is also possible to individualize your evaluation criteria in the Trendmanager or to add further criteria. Please feel free to contact us for this.

Product Update June 2020

1. Revised template of the innoavtion fields

In the edit mode of the innovation fields you can now also fill the following fields:

Market Opportunities :
Which current and future needs of consumers and customers does the innovation field address?
Technological Opportunities :Which technological developments or technology-based trends form the basis for innovation projects within the innovation field?
Capabilities and Assets :
Which competences & resources are needed? Which ones already exist and which ones still need to be developed?

2. Export of trend evaluations

As a manager, you can export trend evaluations for trend radars you have created or for trend radars for which you have management rights. To do this, activate the edit mode of the trend radar and, in step 3 “Evaluation Management”, you can export an overview of all individual evaluations for each macro-trend anonymously in CSV format. This allows you to analyze the evaluations more explicitly in addition to the average evaluation.

3. Trend radar sharing options

You now have the option to make trend radars available to external parties in various ways. To do this, switch to the Edit Mode. In step 4 “Finalization” you can activate the options for sharing to the left of the radar preview. You can use iframe code to integrate the radar into your own website or generate a URL that you can send. Please contact us for activation of this option.

Product Update May 2020

Copy trend radars

To create a copy of your trend radar, switch to the edit mode. Now you can make a copy of your radar using the menu in the upper right corner.

This helps you, for example, to compare the development of your trends and their evaluation over time and make appropriate adjustments in your innovation process.

Product Update March 2020

1. Trend radar chart view

Switch to the chart view in the trend radar view. Here you can configure the view according to your needs by assigning the desired criteria to the axes and using a crtierium to visualize the sizes.

2. Pin micro-trends to relevant macro-trends

If you identify micro-trends that represent particularly good practices for a macro-trend, users in the roles of Manager and Admin can pin these micro-trends to a macro-trend.

The pinned micro-trends are highlighted as “selected micro-trends” on the detail page of the macro-trend and thus show the employees of your company which practical examples are particularly descriptive for the macro-trend under consideration.

To pin a micro-trend to a macro-trend, click on the plus icon in the tile or on the micro-trend detail page and select the “macro-trend” option. Now you can select the desired macro-trend and create the link.

3. Trend radar export

By clicking on the download icon on the trend radar view, you can now download the trend radar as a PowerPoint presentation or PDF. The presentation includes description pages for the recommendations for action Act, Prepare and Watch, as well as the detailed pages for the macro-trends.

Product Update January 2020

Analysis of the trend evaluations

As a manager you now have the possibility to call up an analysis screen on your trend radars or on trend radars to which you have administrative rights. To do this, you switch to the radar’s edit mode and can open the analysis screen in the radar’s finalization step. Here you can see an overview of the evaluation of the macro-trends. The following data is displayed in a clearly arranged table:

  • Mega-trend
  • Average potential
  • Average degree of maturity
  • Average competence
  • Recommendation for action
  • Readiness assessment
  • Innovation fields
  • Innovation projects

You can sort the columns in ascending or descending order and filter them by column values. The analysis can be exported as an Excel file for easy further processing.